Whatever you do,
don't stop at the rainbow

The LGBTQ community

The colors of the rainbow signal an affinity with the LGBTQ community. It serves as a virtual or tangible welcome mat. But what if there is nothing beyond that rainbow? We are not talking about simply acknowledging or embracing the LGBTQ community, but an opportunity for brands to express their truth and take a stand in creative and strategic ways. When they do, LGBTQ consumers (and their allies) take notice and respond. They participate in the conversation, spend their dollars and encourage their social and professional spheres to do the same. This is the economics of inclusivity, influence and loyalty. Our deep understanding of this diverse, sought-after audience will push your goals further, connecting you to a fiercely devoted customer segment.

Navigate the world of same-sex marriage. Engage the lesbian millennial. Reach the suburban gay dads. We understand that applying the same strategy and outreach to the entire LGBTQ community is not how you achieve results. Understanding the complexities, needs and wants of the community is just our first step. We help you engage the LGBTQ consumer both visibly and vocally. That expert combination of relationships, messaging, authenticity and creativity is what sets us apart and will position your brand as forward-thinking and standing for equality. A position that will resonate and drive results.

GreenRubino’s LGBTQ Division

GreenRubino is one of the only integrated marketing agencies in the country with a dedicated LGBTQ division. We know this community because we are a part of this community. Our LGBTQ division offers an innate cultural understanding of this distinct marketing segment. Our diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences as members of the community inform our practice and strengthen our insight. The skillset and knowledge of the team spans work with businesses of all sizes and across all of GreenRubino’s practices including PR, Social Media, Advertising, Creative, Brand and Digital. We have forged the essential strategic relationships, both locally and nationally, necessary to help you authentically and proudly connect with the LGBTQ consumer.

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Greater Seattle Business Association

GSBA, the Greater Seattle Business Association, is the LGBTQ chamber of commerce in Seattle, which for 35 years has helped the community grow and business leaders thrive. The largest such organization in the United States, the organization’s logo was not reflective of its dynamic, innovative nature. In addition, GSBA had several sister brands, including the GSBA Scholarship Fund and Travel Gay Seattle, which it needed to align and rationalize with the parent brand. To that end, GSBA contracted with GreenRubino to both analyze its brand architecture and create a new logo more in keeping with the organization’s promise and personality. The brand architecture process determined that the GSBA and the Scholarship Fund needed closer linkage to share brand equity with each other.

The results were a new GSBA logo—locked up with the tagline, Equality Is Good Business—that is vibrant, lively, modern and effective in telling the organization’s story. A similar logo in different colors was created for the Scholarship Fund, enabling brand equity to flow between the GSBA and the GSBA Scholarship Fund. Both sides of the organization now have an updated look and feel that more closely match their promises.

WA SAFE Alliance

Opponents of equality identified their next goal: exclusion of transgender Washingtonians. Organizations and individuals across Washington state came together to form a coalition positioned to defend against attacks that target transgender people and defend longstanding anti-discrimination laws, especially for the transgender community. GreenRubino was tasked with naming the coalition as well as helping them gain a great deal of momentum, attention and engagement in less than six weeks. This contributed to the successful defeat of a Senate bill that aimed to repeal Washington State Human Rights Commission rules clarifying the protections of transgender people under the Washington Law Against Discrimination.

Our marketing and consulting work enabled the coalition to establish a strong presence in a short period of time and defend the rights of transgender people previously guaranteed by the state of Washington.

Fred Hutch Cancer Research HIV Vaccine Trials

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s HIV Vaccine Trials Network was moving into phase two of an HIV vaccine study. Their target was gay males, particularly of color, between the ages of 18 and 34. Because Fred Hutch, and other research groups, have targeted this demographic in the same cities repeatedly for similar studies, their new ad campaign needed to stand out. This campaign needed to recruit the people who hadn’t yet volunteered for the study, a harder-to-reach group.

GreenRubino conducted eight focus groups in four cities. We tested each group’s reactions to various images and headlines and also used this opportunity to inquire about current attitudes and perceptions of HIV in their community, knowledge of HIV vaccines and related studies as well as more general clinical trial perceptions. We varied the groups to ensure that we tapped into multiple sub-groups within each city.

The focus groups unveiled a series of findings including exact opinions about imagery, headlines and sub-messages. We also learned more about why people participate in HIV vaccine trials and what the major roadblocks are to participation. This information allowed us to create an exact creative brief for the campaign photo shoot, a message platform for the campaign as well as strategies for how to recruit participants.